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Omega Carpet Cleaning recognizes the fact that even with all of the carpet cleaning precautions that can be taken, people still have to hire professionals that specialize in steam cleaning, using truck mounted systems and carpet upholstery cleaning every once in a while.  If this is the situation you find yourself in Omega Carpet Cleaning is here to help.  All throughout Chico and the surrounding area people are getting their homes as clean as possible with Omega Carpet Cleaning.  We specialize in the following areas:


· Carpet and upholstery cleaning – for wall-to-wall carpets, floor carpets and more.

· Professional commercial carpet cleaning – for business owners or a carpet that is difficult to maintain on residential  properties.

· Furniture cleaning – upholstered leather and antique furniture cleaned to perfection.

· Steam cleaning – specialized steam cleaning machines with hot and cold vapor steam power are used to provide both delicate and powerful deep cleaning

· Cleaning rugs – dry rug cleaning and dry carpet cleaning provided.


Dust, dirt, spots, spills and stains – these things unfortunately affect anyone with house carpet cleaning needs.  A few of the primary ways people can protect against unwanted stains such as smoke stains on drapes, area rug spots and prized drapes is to make sure to smoke outside.  If people have pets, then laying down a blanket on the area where the animal sleeps most frequently or purchasing a pet bed can help stop unwanted dirt and grime from becoming grounded in upholstery.  Another trick is to make sure bedroom, sofa and chair cushions are frequently vacuumed and that cushions are turned over once a week to prolong their life.  However, saving you time and often recurring cleans is hiring a professional carpet cleaning services company like Omega Carpet Cleaning.

Make your home’s fabrics fresh again, just sit back and relax while we vacuum, sanitize, shampoo, wash, deodorize, steam clean, dry and improve the environment of every home we set foot into.

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